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Whispering Pines, LLC

RV Park Rules and Regulations

Welcome to Whispering Pines, LLC RV Park (the “Park”). These Rules and Regulations are written for your general welfare, safety, comfort, and the comfort of your neighbors. Management will take reasonable steps to ensure your enjoyment of the Park. However, it is important that you comply and cooperate with these Rules and Regulations.

Applications: Anyone who wishes to rent a space must complete an application. The application must be approved by Management. Management reserves the right to approve, or disapprove, all applicants. Violation of these rules and regulations can terminate stay.

Lease: Prior to occupying a space, all tenants must sign a lease and the 1st month’s rent and any applicable fees.

Rent: Rent is to be paid by check or money order, NO CASH WILL BE ACCEPTED.

Late Fees: Rent and electrical charges are due on the 1st day of each month and if rent and electrical charges are not paid by the 10th of each month there will be $25.00 late fee added to your rent.
There will be a fee of $35.00 fee for each dishonored check plus any bank fees charged for the dishonored check.
After first warning of violation failure to clean up pet waste or parking violations there will be an added fee of $25.00 per violation that occurs within one year.

Notices: All notices required or permitted by the Lease will be in writing, and will be delivered personally or by certified mail. It is the Tenant’s responsibility that management has Tenant’s correct mailing address since management will send all notices and refunds to the last address on file.

Rules and Regulations: Tenants and their guests and invitees will abide by the Rules and Regulations of the Park.

  1. Whispering Pines is private property. These Rules and Regulations may be changed from time to time by Management. Whispering Pines does not carry insurance for damage to renter’s vehicles while on property.
  2. Quiet hours are from 8 p.m. to 8 a.m. No loud voices, sound equipment, or running generators. No flashing lights. No Tenant, guest, or invitee will cause a substantial annoyance to the other occupants. Please think of your neighbors.
  3. No smoking in common or public areas, it is an Oregon State law.
  4. Maximum occupancy per rental space: 2 persons per bedroom of vehicle, with a total maximum occupancy of 6 people. Tenants may not sublet any part of their rental space.
  5. Overnight guests at the Park must register at with the Site Manager. Guest will park in the designated area. Guests will not park in the roadway. The maximum time for each overnight guest is (14) fourteen days within a (1) one year time period. If guests stay longer than the fourteen day time period, or exceed the maximum of (6) six people per rental space, Tenant must first get written permission from Management. This is for the safety of the Park residents.
  6. No pop-ups, tents, or truck campers are allowed in the Park except for transportation. One bicycle per Tenant will be allowed.
  7. Anything outside of RV Vehicles will not be allowed except for natural landscaping, nice looking small sheds, refrigerators, and picnic tables and lawn chairs. Anything allowed to be outside must look nice and at all times be kept in a nice condition. Sheds can be no bigger than six feet high, 24 inches in depth and three feet wide and made to be kept outside, refrigerator placement must be approved by management and blocked from view. All other items will not be allowed outside. for example: overstuffed furniture, rusted anything.
  8. Maximum number of vehicles allowed per site is one vehicle for one residing Tenant. Two vehicles for two residing Tenants. If there are two residing Tenant’s and both have vehicles both vehicles will only be allowed if both vehicles can be parked in space without encroaching on another rental space or roadway. No vehicles are to be parked in the common roadway or in another rental space unless given permission by space owner and management has been informed of request. Any other vehicle must be parked in the designated parking area in front of the RV Park. Management will be allowed to park snowplow.
  9. All Tenants driving a vehicle into the Park must have submitted to the Site Manager a copy of their valid driver’s license and driver’s insurance. Only holders of a valid driver’s license and insurance are permitted to operate a vehicle of any kind in the Park. Each year management will ask each Tenant with vehicle to give copy of driver’s license and insurance card to management.
  10. No vehicle repairs or vehicle maintenance will be allowed in the Park. No undriveable vehicles to remain in park for longer than 24 hours.
  11. There will be no riding of bicycles, motorcycles, mini bikes, 3 or 4 wheelers in the Park for enjoyment purposes.
  12. Drivers are responsible for any damage caused to the Park.
  13. Speed limit of 5 miles-per-hour will be enforced within the Park.
  14. Children under 16 years of age must be accompanied by an adult at all times when not in a trailer.
  15. All animals when outside of Tenant’s RV must be on Lease. Tenants are allowed either one cat or one small dog under 30 lbs. unless their animals have been grandfathered into the RV Park. All pets that belong to Tenants must have proof of being spayed or neutered and must be on Leashes at all times. No pit bull or pit bull mix dogs, or reptiles are allowed. The park is not responsible for any damage caused by your Pet or the pets of other tenants. Ask Manager what area is allowed for your animal to go to the bathroom. Animal droppings are to be immediately cleaned up by their owner. Animals are the exclusive responsibility of their owner(s). Noisy pets will not be allowed or tolerated. All immunization records must be kept up-to-date. No pet runs are allowed. Do not bury animal droppings.
  16. Tenants are responsible for invitee’s pets brought onto RV Park Premises.
  17. No cleaning of fish is to be done outside residential vehicle. Disposal of fish remains is to be in an airtight sealed container.
  18. Waste water or any hazardous material of any sort will not be dumped in the Park.
  19. Laundry facilities are for Tenants only and will only be available from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. No greasy rags or clothes, sleeping bags, rugs or blankets in the washing machines. No clotheslines will be allowed in the Park. Do not sit on washing machines, dryers or folding tables. Please push coins into machines slowly.
  20. Valuable objects should be stored away. Management is not responsible for personal property.
  21. No outside signage and no flags displayed except the American Flag unless aproved by management.
  22. No open campfires will be allowed. Charcoal fires in grills will be allowed only for cooking of food. Used briquettes and ashes must be disposed of properly. No disposal of ashes or briquettes in garbage trailer or bathhouse containers.
  23. Garbage is not to be kept outside of rental unit. Garbage must be placed inside the Park’s garbage container in a secured plastic bag. No loose garbage is to be in the Park or thrown into the garbage container. Tenant must pick-up all garbage that falls while taking garbage to the garbage container. Do not leave trash outside.
  24. Do not throw anything except tissue into the toilets. When leaving please close doors.
  25. No discharge of firearms (of any kind). BB guns, slingshots, or fireworks will be allowed.
  26. No manufacture, possession, use, sale, distribution, dispensation, receipt or transportation of any controlled substance or illegal drug.
  27. Tenants will behave in an orderly and courteous manner while in the Park and will keep their rental space clean, tidy, sanitary, and in good condition.
  28. As mandated by the state of Oregon, Tenants must keep water and sewer hoses in good condition and tightly secured. Propane tanks must be secured by the Tenant to prevent them from tipping over.
  29. Tenants may not tamper with any utility service without the permission of the utility provider and the Site Manager. Tenant’s will not deliberately, recklessly or negligently destroy, deface, damage, impair or remove any property owned by the community, tenants, guests, or others in the community, or knowing permitted any occupant, guest, visitor or invitee to do so.
  30. No mail is delivered to RV Park address. Please keep management up to date on your current mailing address.
  31. No repair or alterations to the Park including fences or any Park property without written consent of Management.
  32. Tenant may not assign, sublet, or transfer possession of rental space without Landlord’s prior written consent.